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Cristine Crooks

your work has always inspired me and now I am also incredibly impressed by this wonderful website.

I especially liked looking at your little paintings of the Tetons. I am trying to graduate to larger paintings. Your work speaks to me.

I am sorry to miss your opening, but plan to visit the show when I return to Juneau....
Artfully yours, Cristine

Patti Moss

I had forgotten about First Friday in Juneau until my co-worker declined an invitation to go to supper at Fernandos and I decided to walk around the corner to see what was what at the Canvas. I felt the energy buzz the second I walked in and caught the color wave washing over me. Something exceptional was afoot and I got on board.

I saw the collection an hour and a half after it opened and nearly every piece had a red sticker marking it as sold. I actually rushed from one to the other.

You have an ability for capturing what I want to remember feeling in the woods, along stream edges, on top of ridges, in remote places...You have captured nature's beauty as I feel connected to it in solitary situations and wish to remember it, Constance!.. I feel very fortunate to have found your art. Thank you!


Oh, Constance! These are so beautiful! I love the movement in your artwork. Carnival Wood calls to me--reminds me of Klimt. You are an inspiration. Good luck with the show. Love, Natasha

Marylou Elton

Bravo Constance! An easy to navigate site with lots of fabulous art and interesting info and photographs. I am especially loving those Transparent Apples! Thanks for the nice visit in your studio today. I look forward to the show in November. marylou

Bea Garrard

I am so glad we all have the chance to see your beautiful works online. Whenever I admire your art it is as if I've had the pleasure of meeting you in person again. Your love is in your paints and when I ooh and ah at these works with my family around me it's like you're here with us.
Thank-you for sharing your talent with us all.

Lee Carlson

What an attractive and personable website! Your new paintings touch a place in my heart. I wish I could be there for your opening. Great archives--hope you'll add some more from the other site. And I always look forward to seeing what's new. Lee


Your work is amazing! The colors take my breath away. I wish I could see it all in person.

Pua Maunu

Hello Friend! I am excited about your upcoming show and seeing your paintings exhibited together at the Canvas Gallery in November--it promises to be a wonderful show! I am also glad you put one of my favorite paintings that I remember, "Pine Siskins" in your archives. This is a great site, easy to navigate, and much to look at! Thank you! Pua

Naomi Baltuck

Well, sister, you sure captured the essence and the wild majesty of the Tetons in the autumn. And I think this format is a good one for communicating with your fellow artists and art lovers. I am looking forward to seeing more of your work online. Naomi

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