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September 2007

Work in Progress

Thanks to everyone for visiting and commenting on my website. It's a work in progress and, because of the conversational nature of this site, it probably always will be. I love hearing from you and being able to respond to your concerns; for example, I DO know that "bestest" is not a real word. It's just my artistic license jumping it's boundaries again...

P1010194 Maybe you noticed that a lot of the paintings in the Preview Album are of places in Jackson Hole and Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. This has to be one of the most beautiful places on Earth; I began hiking there in the early 70's, and, for the last two Septembers in a row, my sister and I have been able to visit, hiking and painting our way through the sweet scented forests and golden aspen groves.

When it was too cold to paint outdoors (we had snow and hail as well as glorious sunshine) we would hike all day, gathering images - sometimes with a camera, and sometimes by imprinting memories.

In the evenings, in the warmth of our cabin, I fixed those memories onto small boards, trying to catch the essence of the scenes for reference should I decide to make a larger painting back home in the studio. Each tiny painting was one step of a work in progress; from the first vision on the trail, to capturing the color and focus on a small board, to putting a painting it in it's final form in the studio.