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October 2007

Road Trip!

Autumn Harvest, Sisters, Oregon How lucky can you get? My sister and I just got back from a road trip across central Oregon. We were supposed to be going to Bend, and we did get pretty close. We made it, more appropriately, to Sisters, Oregon; a cute hybrid of real history and trendy boutiques. We wandered around town and checked out the art, but had the most fun at Sisters Bakery.

We spent a few nights in the high desert country; land of bare soil and gnarley old junipers. On the way back to Portland it was ponderosa pine until we came over the pass, back into the rainy spruce-hemlock forests, stunning with the gold and scarlet maple trees. I put some pictures of our trip in an album below.

I love traveling with my sister and I love going "Out West," even when it requires traveling about a thousand miles South and another five hundred East!

September in Juneau

Harvest The Dark Time is upon us, though it's not nearly as dark as it will be in December. The change of seasons seems so abrupt; first, school started, then suddenly, there was fresh snow on the mountain tops. It felt like an act of submission, digging out the winter coats and hats. I guess if we have to bow to anything, it might as well be to Nature.

The pre-schoolers came by for their annual harvest, and stood out like shiney apples themselves. My kids are teenagers now, but they came to this very tree with their class many years ago. Pretty soon these little people will be back to gather brilliant orange and red leaves from Mrs. Green's maple tree. Lucky them, to have teachers that impress upon them the bounty and the beauty of their world.

Yellow Transparent I'm still working on paintings for my show in November. Thanks for checking in. I hope you can come to the opening!