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Small Paintings of Big Impressions

Italy, Kitties in Flower Pot I just got back from my first trip to Italy, where my sister and I spent a week exploring tiny villages, Etruscan tombs, and the mountainous terrain of Umbria. Picturesque doesn't begin to describe the incredible beauty of the landscape or the acute awareness of history that was everywhere around us.

Forget shampoo and hand lotion; my quart-size Ziploc bag was filled to absolute maximum capacity with tubes of paint; the important thing in my carry-on, outbound, is my painting supplies. On the way back, however, it's the little paintings that, I hope, have captured the sweet essence of our experience in a foreign land.

Paintings from Italy and my other travels will be included in a show of 24 small paintings at Skeins, on the second floor of the Senate Building at 175 Franklin Street. Starting Friday, December 7th, from 4:30 to 8:00, the show will continue daily through the weekend.

To preview the show, just click on "December Gallery Walk" on the screen to your left.




Hi, Mom. I'm at school. You should update this!

Puanani Maunu

I love your website--I enjoyed reading your comments about your road trip to Oregon and visit to the Tetons with your sis. What a wonderful life so aptly reflected in your incredible paintings which I love looking at. They are magical and put me in such a good frame of mind. Thank you for sharing what you create!


Constance, you have done it AGAIN! How do I find out how to buy one of your small impressions?!! That Mt. Roberts shot is right from our old house...ohhhh I miss it!



As always, your paintings take my breath away.

Did you sell everything from your last show? Maybe there is something left for an admirer to buy?


Naomi Baltuck

Hi Con. What a beautiful collection you have put together. Viewing this show is like taking a trip, or rather reliving some of the memories we have collected on our travels. You have recreated the essence of Italy, with all its color and mystery. Where to next, Sister?

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