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Canvas Opening So many thanks to give to everyone who helped with the opening on Friday! We had a huge turnout, an extravagant selection of refreshments, and a gratifying number of sales.

My sister came to Juneau to help me hang the show, friends joined in to keep the hors d'oeuvres coming and the beverages flowing. MK of the Canvas Gallery handled sales in the crush of the crowd with the calm and grace of Queen Elizabeth.

My sister took photos, made sure I wore my fancy dress, and kept me in balance, and I talked with more people in a few hours than I usually do in months.

Thank you, people of Juneau, for coming to see my work, and for supporting me in a big way!



Where can I find the paintings you had up at the Canvas for your November show? The crowd shot offers tantalizing snippets...


Naomi Baltuck

Dear Con,

You did it again! I never saw so many red dots, nor an opening night so charged with excitement. It was a radiant show, with each painting so evocative, each one with its own story. And such a crunch of happy people, laughing,talking,eating, and zeroing in on the painting they wanted to take home with them. I am so impressed with the obvious mutual warmth and appreciation you share with your community. So many helping hands--Nancy H., Laura, Mary S., Barbara C., Pua, MK, Annie, and even little Matisse. And there were so many more people whose smiles I will remember, if not their names. I was so impressed, and it will stay with me for a long time. Congratulations on a job well done, clearly a labor of love.
With even more love,

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