Small Paintings of Big Impressions
April Show at the Canvas Gallery, Juneau, Alaska

Doing Art in My Head

6 Dark Clouds, 2009, Acrylic, 24 It's hard to believe that my last entry was nearly a year ago.  Where have I been?  Working my way through a hard year, a year of transition.  

It has always been true for me that when my spirit suffers, so does my productivity.  In fact, for a while, all my creative impulses were squeezed right out of the picture by more pressing concerns.  It was a lot like when my teenagers were still babies, and I had very little time to paint.  I became adept at composing art in my head.  I could visualize each step of the process and follow the concept all the way to the finished piece.   I spent a lot of time doing just that, dreaming my way through a lot of paintings before I had the opportunity to get my hands back on a brush.

After this year of chaos, the creative thoughts are flowing once again.  My stack of little sketches is growing faster than I can paint, and I've got a lot of catch-up to do.  I'm back to work, thank goodness.  Doing art in my head was important to me, but it's much more rewarding and easier to share when I actually get it out of my mind and onto the canvas.

I have two paintings in the Plein Rain Show at the Juneau Arts and Culture Center opening this Friday, November 7th.  I hope you can be there.


lilly killbear

i just saw twilight twin lakes painting @ JAHC. i have been a huge fan of your art since moving to juneau 7 yaers ago. anyway i want very much to buy this painting if it is still available.i don't have a lot of $ right now , but could come up with 200.00 by my next pay check then i get alaska native corp checks in early dec. i could then pay another 500.00 and then if i could just pay every coupla weeks on the balace?it would make my milenium to be the proud owner of such an amazing work of art.thanks for your consideration in this matter. lotsa love and light lilly

Kesler Woodward

Happy to see your new work, Constance, and even happier to see that you're painting! Wish I could have teleported to the Plein Rein show opening yesterday. All my best to you and the others, Kes

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