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November 2008

Doing Art in My Head

6 Dark Clouds, 2009, Acrylic, 24 It's hard to believe that my last entry was nearly a year ago.  Where have I been?  Working my way through a hard year, a year of transition.  

It has always been true for me that when my spirit suffers, so does my productivity.  In fact, for a while, all my creative impulses were squeezed right out of the picture by more pressing concerns.  It was a lot like when my teenagers were still babies, and I had very little time to paint.  I became adept at composing art in my head.  I could visualize each step of the process and follow the concept all the way to the finished piece.   I spent a lot of time doing just that, dreaming my way through a lot of paintings before I had the opportunity to get my hands back on a brush.

After this year of chaos, the creative thoughts are flowing once again.  My stack of little sketches is growing faster than I can paint, and I've got a lot of catch-up to do.  I'm back to work, thank goodness.  Doing art in my head was important to me, but it's much more rewarding and easier to share when I actually get it out of my mind and onto the canvas.

I have two paintings in the Plein Rain Show at the Juneau Arts and Culture Center opening this Friday, November 7th.  I hope you can be there.