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April Show at the Canvas Gallery, Juneau, Alaska

2 Hiding in Plain Sight, 2009, Acrylic on Canvas, 30 Over the years I've incorporated figures into a lot of my work, but only rarely have they been the main focus.  When my friend Barbara Craver asked me to join her this April in a show, primarily of figure studies and portraits, I automatically said yes.  

I love life drawing.  Trying to capture a likeness or the beauty and complexity of the human form has given me some of my most challenging and most rewarding experiences as an artist.

Ever since high school, I've made sketches of the people around me, wherever I lived or traveled, waiting in the airport or for a bus, in parks, cafes, at the pool or in a garden...  I love catching these quick sketches.  They hold a moment of time and place that would otherwise just vanish! 

When I paint landscapes, I feel free to play around with my subjects, color, and composition.  I rarely limit myself to anything like strict representation. 

All painting is interpretive, but some of the paintings I've done for this show go beyond interpretation of the real world into the land of dreams and imagination.  

Thanks, as always, for your interest in my work.  I hope you can make it to The Canvas Gallery in Juneau for our April 3rd opening.  If not, I'll be posting the paintings for this show right here on my website.  See Barbara Craver's work at: