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September 2009

On the Road Again

IMG_2826  It's been nearly 30 years since my sister and I last visited the Great Southwest; America's red rock country, land of the pinyon pine-juniper forests, sagebrush, bluebirds, and starry nights. I'm on my own this time, en route to Petrified Forest National Park,where I'm honored to have been chosen as one of the Park's official artists-in-residence. 

After an incredibly beautiful sailing down the Inside Passage on the MV Columbia, I've camped my way across Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Utah to Arches National Park, then to Colorado's Mesa Verde National Park.  Tomorrow I'll pass through a small corner of New Mexico on the way to Arizona and my little adobe house in the park.

I look forward to working in such a different environment, meeting visitors to the park, and encouraging them to pick up a brush and join me in my efforts to paint the painted desert.