On the Road Again
Thank You, Teddy!

Wandering in the Desert

From Blue Mesa I, 2009, Acrylic on Canvas, 18Well, no, I haven't been wandering in the desert since September, but when I was there, I really did lose myself in the experience.  It was a step out of my busy life into timelessness; never before have I had the luxury of time for my art that I experienced there.  As a painter in Southeast Alaska, I am often working out in the cold or in the rain, conditions that tend to hurry a painter who works in the field.  In Arizona, warm and dry, and entirely on my own, I had the time and freedom to explore the rough beauty of the desert without any sense of urgency.  I was able to sink slowly into a whole new kind of interaction with the landscape. 

One evening after painting several hours on top of Blue Mesa, I watched a storm rise in the distance and sweep across the landscape right towards me.  I was alone up there, all the other visitors to the park long gone.  The wind raced in, gusting hard.  The sun broke through the storm clouds now and then, back-lighting huge drops of rain coming down in sheets all around the mesa, but never where I was standing.  At first glance, the desert might seem like a big empty space, but at that moment, it was charged with energy, full of glory, and inspiring in every way.

I've posted a few of my paintings from my experience as Artist-in-Residence at Petrified Forest National Park and a few of the photos of my trip to and from Arizona in the photo albums.


Naomi Baltuck

Hi Con,

I just had a chance to look at your new show. It is stunning! Who would have thought there could be such drama and variety in the desert? You really have managed to capture a different world in each painting. I can't wait to see what inspiration you find in France!


Steve Collins

Sounds like your trip to the Southwest was a great success - both creatively and inspirationally. Glad to hear that! Nothing like being out in a gorgeous place, alone, and feeling at one with the earth.
Love the piece "Looking West from Blue Mesa." If not sold, please let me know the details...
Your paintings are wonderful!


Hi Constance!
Love your finished pieces! Sure brings back memories of a wonderful time.
I just got my blog up - http://susanroden.blogspot.com. Have a small Petrified Forest painting posted too. Just finished the one I'm sending to the Park and have to box. How about you?
Hope all is well + sending best wishes.

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