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IMG_5706It isn't very often I get to participate in two art shows in one month or have the fun of celebrating two openings of the same show!  This month, however, it seems I will have the double pleasures twice!

First, on Monday, a number of artists and other interested folks gathered at the Juneau Arts and Culture Center to see my paintings from Petrified Forest National Park and to talk about Artist-in-Residence Programs. 

Here are some links I shared on Monday: The National Park Service Artist-in-Residence ProgramTransArtists, and Res Artis.  What fun it is, to explore these sites, and see how many opportunities exist for artists in this country and all over the world!  

After the first wave of educationally-oriented folks drifted away, a whole new crowd came in and we started the party all over again.  Thanks, everyone, for coming!

Next up, this Friday, an opening of a show by Juneau's Plein Rain Painters We're having a group show at the Canvas Gallery and we're celebrating with two openings.  The first will be our "soft" opening, Friday, July 2nd, and then on Friday, July 9th, we'll have another to coincide with a city-wide Second Friday.

I've posted my paintings for this show in the 2010 Canvas/Plein Rain photo album on this page.  Thanks so much, as always, for your interest in my work!


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