Wandering in the Desert
Once in a Blue Moon

Thank You, Teddy!

IMG_4919Thanks to Teddy Roosevelt and other like-minded conservationists, our country has a wealth of National Parks preserving wilderness and historic sites that otherwise could easily have been lost forever.  What joy, to visit these enchanted places, to see the beauty that was once all around us, and to know these sanctuaries exist to protect flower, bird and beast, and every tree and rock, from the ravages of human expansion and development.

Thanks to a great Artist-in-Residence program sponsored by our National Parks, I spent a few weeks last fall focused exclusively on painting in Petrified Forest National Park.  Petrified Forest is small treasure, not much more than 25 miles end to end, but full of delights.  Traveling from north to south you can visit the Badlands, the historic Painted Desert Inn, archeological sites with petroglyphs and pueblos, and, of course, the Petrified Forest, a desert landscape littered with fallen tree trunks turned to stone in every shade of the rainbow.


On Monday, June 28th, I'll be showing my desert paintings and sharing what I've learned about the AIR program at the Arts Roundtable at the Juneau Arts and Culture Center, from 5 to 7pm.  My paintings will be on display in the JACC Gallery for one day only; I hope you can stop by!

Check out the photo album to your left for a preview of the show.



Sure was a fun, glorious time Constance! And difficult to believe it has been nearly a year since the residency.

Been following your events and wish I lived in Alaska to support your venture.

My best,
Susan Roden

Tammy Davis

Constance-During your census work you mentioned looking for a home to hold an opening. I wonder if you're still in search. I'd like to talk with you about this. I love your work- the new stuff makes my skin feel warm just looking at it!

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