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September 2010

Tiny Miracles


Summer is over; the days are shorter, the breezes chillier, and the air is pungent with the fragrance of Autumn.  The delightful blossom of Spring has packed the full potential of next year's summer season into one tiny miracle; a seed!  

In the last few weeks I've worked at the Jensen Arboretum, in the fields of fireweed near Brotherhood Bridge, and in my own yard, painting fruits and berries, seeds and pods, trying to catch that sense of life and regeneration that comes with the turn of the seasons. 

Poppy Pods Small My new paintings will be on display at the Franklin Street Gallery starting September 3rd, and, to make this First Friday especially elegant, Tom Locher will be there, at the piano, and a free wine tasting will be offered by the Baranof Hotel.  

You can see photographs of some of my work at the Franklin Street Gallery in the Photo Album to your left, but I think it would be even better if you could come down to join the party on Friday!