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Can't Say No!

Learning to say Yes! has brought some crazy wonderful experiences into my life; my recent visit to Romania has to be one of the very best examples of positive reinforcement ever.  What a treat to visit such a beautiful part of the world, to meet so many interesting people, and to paint just a tiny bit of the life of the village where I stayed.  As usual, when I travel, I brought way more art supplies than I used. There were just too many temptations!  


Several of my little paintings became thank-you gifts to my generous hosts, but most of them just didn't get made.  On this trip I learned that a quick sketch might be all I'd have time for. I may not have as many paintings as I would like, but my sketchbook runneth over.  

I've got an exhibit opening at the Canvas Gallery this Friday, November 5th, from 4:30 to 7:00 pm.This show will include my little paintings from Romania as well as recent work from Juneau.

Click on the 2010: Canvas Gallery photo album to your left to see work that will be in the show. Tom Locher will be there, at the piano, bringing elegance to the reception and I hope you can be there, too.  


Naomi Baltuck

Hi Con,

I am so charmed by your paintings of Romania. You capture the color and light of another time and place. Makes me want to pick up and go!



Romania? Sounds terribly exciting Constance! And a wonderful set of paintings to memorialize your adventures.
Hope all is well and happy painting!

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