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Adventures in the Great Kobuk Sand Dunes

Hauling Gear Sand in everything; tents, shoes, teeth, food...  Hauling and filtering every drop of drinking water...  Hot sun and cold rain...  At one point I counted and found I was wearing seven layers of clothing; everything I had brought with me but a few extra pairs of socks!  Yet, last month, in the Kobuk Valley National Park,  I had one of the best adventures of my life as an Artist-in-Residence painting in the Great Kobuk Sand Dunes.

The Dunes cover an area over 25 miles square and are ever-changing in the constant wind. Bordering the dunes are tributaries to the great Kobuk River, alive with Grayling and surrounded by dense willow shrub and forests of black spruce.  On the dunes, tiny flowers and hummocks of grass stand high on pedestals carved Painting Setup by the scouring wind.  Towering over all, enormous clouds sail across the sky, trailing showers and rainbows, receding into distant horizons all around.  It was a painter's paradise.  If all goes according to plan, I'll present the 18 paintings I began on the Kobuk in a show next March.  Meanwhile, I continue to prepare for a show with the Alaska State Museum, opening this November 4th.  

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