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October 2011

A Long and Winding Road

IMG_9890A year ago, when I heard that my art would be featured at the Alaska State Museum in November 2011, I expected to spend the entire next year, nose to the drawing board, diligently preparing.  I did spend the year getting ready, but it takes more than painting to create a show.  It takes being out in the world, open to all its peaks and valleys, harvesting life's scattered treasures, and wrestling them into something that sits handsomely on canvas.  In other words, I had to paint like I always have; at my usual pace, exploring interesting side paths and intriguing byways, always moving forward, but rarely in a straight line.

I began the New Year by moving into a real artist's studio and keeping regular painting hours.  An inspirational workshop with Kes Woodward in June gave me a surge of energy that was sustained by painting outdoors all summer with Barbara Craver.  An incredible Artist-in-Residence experience at Kobuk Valley National Park in the fall rounded off the year.  A visit to Banff and a week of Tango in Portland added spice to the brew! Now, I am pleased to share a busy year's worth of art, travel, and life experiences distilled into one show.  

IMG_8620Please come and join me for the opening reception on Friday, November 4th, from 4:00 to 7:00pm.  Three other shows open at the Museum that night and Tom Locher will lend an air of elegance to the gala event, playing piano in the gallery.  I hope you'll be there, too.  If you can't make it, please check out my November show in the Preview album on this page.


Company's Coming!



October is Open Studio Month in Juneau, Alaska.  The Franklin Street Gallery at the Baranof Hotel is featuring the work of more than 30 Juneau Artists.  All month, studio doors will be open to visitors interested in seeing how and where local artists produce their work.  

My favorite workplace is the Great Outdoors.  Using our re-purposed jogger strollers, my friend and fellow artist, Barbara Craver, and I pushed farther down the trails than ever; however, I nearly always complete my paintings in my studio. This Saturday, October 15th, our studios in the Arcticorp Building will be open from 1-4 pm.  

For this special occasion I've not only tidied up my workspace, I've also updated my website, posting nearly 300 paintings from the last six years in my Archives album and a preview of my show that opens November 4th at the Alaska State Museum.

If you would like a postcard notice for my Museum show, please send your mailing address to me as soon as possible at:

Stop by on Saturday, or any time you're in the neighborhood, and thanks, as always, for your interest in my work!