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Think big! It's a phrase that is both exciting and challenging. This year, thanks to support from the Rasmuson Foundation, I am thinking and working BIG. I've just completed my third large painting for a show scheduled for December 2014 at the Juneau Douglas City Museum. When I say big, I'm talking about three by six to four by twelve foot paintings. I have learned so much while doing this work. The most obvious example: to complete a painting three times as big as any I have ever made before will take...three times as long!

While I'm working on a big painting I have lots of time to dream about and compose the next painting in my head. Inspirations for new paintings are constantly coming to me only to be eclipsed by the next; no matter how great an idea seemed at one point, if it's not the one that's got hold of my imagination when I finish my current work, it is almost certain to be overridden by the idea of the moment.

I've learned that ideas keep coming; I just can't keep up with them all. The best I can do is capture them with a few words and a small sketch. Sometimes, that sketch will have to wait, tacked to the bulletin board or stored away in an idea file until the time is right. Maybe it's enough just to have those fantastic ideas for paintings. To compose them in your head. To see art all around you, potential all around you, whether or not the ideas ever are transformed into paintings. To experience the art of life.



Naomi Baltuck

What a great post, and such beautiful paintings! Those swans are breathtaking. Thank you for sharing the process with your readers. It is fascinating. Often I see parallels between writing and painting. In the swans I see a painting that could tell many stories, a different one for each viewer.

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