Alaska Pacific University Gallery Opening March 6th

Accidentally On Purpose

ImageIt's a rare painting that doesn't influence the artist during the process of its creation; paint has a way of making itself a key player in the production of art, often nudging the artist off course in unanticipated directions. In these paintings, I've embraced the power of the paint and made use of the accidental and unanticipated effects of colors mixing, swirling, twisting, and traveling. Incorporating these features, unadulterated, while detailing images in and around them, has been both challenging and rewarding.

ImageWhether separated by a clear layer of glazing medium, or applied simultaneously, the colors affect each other in predictable and unpredictable ways, but they were applied with intention and purpose; drawing on nature, memory, and imagination for inspiration, these paintings were made in celebration of the magic and beauty all around us.


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