Alaska Pacific University Gallery Opening March 6th
Order and Chaos

Artist-In-Residence: Ernest Gruening State Historical Park

ImageI'm in my studio for the first time since my artist-in-residency, where I spent two weeks living in a cabin rich in history, in a setting wild and wonderful. The salmon were jumping, whales were spouting, sea lions feeding, berries ripening, and the wildflowers blooming, all to the regular rise and fall of the tide, the sweep of the sun, and the changes in the moon. Immersed in nature, inspired by the beauty all around me, I spent my time painting, painting, painting.

I'll have more work to show from this experience in the next weeks and months. Meanwhile, many thanks are due to the people who imagined, created, and now support this program. Thank you, Alaska State Parks, for making this opportunity available!


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