Artist-In-Residence: Ernest Gruening State Historical Park
Double Eagles

Order and Chaos

ImageAmidst the jumble of vegetation in our fields and forests, individual plants grow in patterns held in common with every member of its species, every species of its genus, and every genus of its order. Alternate leaves or opposite, single or multiple stems, flowering or non-flowering; there is consistency, the vast and overlapping abundance of Nature.

ImageIn this series of paintings, as in Nature, I search for order in the chaos. I begin with an underpainting that allows pigments to blend and swirl, creating colors and accidental effects that support the detailed forms of plants and flowers, branches and twigs. Paints, applied in color glazes, mix both physically and optically, creating depth and a smooth ceramic-like surface on wood panels.

These paintings are about the search for order in the big chaos of Life; they will be on display this Friday, November 6th, at the Artique Gallery in Anchorage, Alaska, with an opening reception from 6:00 to 8:00 pm.


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