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Like so many who sign the guest book, I can hardly believe that "I was here!” ‘Here’ is Ryvingen, the southernmost lighthouse in Norway. This small island is the first stop for wind and waves crashing in from the North Sea. Migrating birds rest and nest here. Visitors come when the weather is good, and it's an overnight destination for every sixth grader in Mandal schools. It has also been my home for the last six weeks as Ryvingen's first artist-in-residence.

I've spent my time exploring and making paintings of the pink granite, grassy fields, and rocky shores, working en Plein air, mostly on my own, occasionally in the company of friends, and almost always to the tinkling bells of the sheep that graze here in the summer.

Like waves on the beach, I've experienced this sequence of emotions:

Amazement - that I had this opportunity.
Panic - that I might not be able to meet my goals.
Confidence - once my painting got in the groove.
Surprise - at the energy that infused my work here.
Excitement - at sharing my paintings with others.
Nostalgia - thinking of the experiences I've had here and the people I will remember when I have moved on.

There will be an opening for a show of my work this Sunday, June 26th, at 12:00 noon in the lighthouse. To my dear friends from home...I know you probably won't be able to come, so please check out my work in the album to the right. To my new dear sees snart!


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