Plein Air Painting in a Rainy Climate
Celebrating Plants

Juneau CARES ArtWorks Grant Award

In December 2020, the Juneau Cares Artworks program sought proposals from local artists for public art in Juneau.  It felt like the continuation of a great tradition, an extension of the Works Project Administration (WPA), and I am honored to have been selected to participate.


I painted two three by four foot canvases that can be shown individually or as a single eight foot wide painting. My goal was to create an immersion experience in colors and images inspired by fireweed, specifically, the progression of fireweed, from seed to flower. 
IMG_4460 2
As one of the first colonizers of a devastated landscape, fireweed is a symbol of rebirth, and a reminder that, despite our current hard times, things will get better again.



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