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Welcome! This album contains paintings I've made since 2006 that have been sold or are no longer available. It's a pretty good record of where I've been and where my time goes... If you are interested, just click on the small images to enter the photo gallery for the title, location, media, and dimensions of each painting. Thanks for visiting.

Hawaiian Dream
Dark Spruce
View from the Dark Side
Juneau, Summer of 2017
Big Pink
Bright Cherry
Golden Images
Winter Fireweed
Golden Moment
Pink Rock, Trollnessen
Reflection at Black Rock
The Old Pathway
The Grand Staircase, Ryvingen Lighthouse
Test of Time
Heart Stone
On Fire at Ryvingen Fyr
Evening Light
Bright Blues
Lily Pond
Skinnerglove (Sheen'-air-gloo'-vah!)
Breakfast Beach
July 1939
Waiting Out the Storm
Makrell Flowers, Makerel Sky
Makerell Magenta
Sea of Grass, The Varden
Natur WC
Morning Shadow
The Way to the Top
Dreaming at Ryvingen
Tumble Down Pink
From the Top
Soft Light
Quiet Time
On the Rocks
Double Eagle
Sliced and Diced
Black Rock
June Tangle
Tide Line, Evening Light
Night Shift Triptych
Forest Sparkles
Cloudscape, South of the Brooks