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Welcome! This album contains paintings I've made since 2006 that have been sold or are no longer available. It's a pretty good record of where I've been and where my time goes... If you are interested, just click on the small images to enter the photo gallery for the title, location, media, and dimensions of each painting. Thanks for visiting.

Presentation is Everything; Dessert Carts, La Cupole
Lombardy Poplars, Abbey Grounds
Sidewalk Cafe, Boulevard Montparnasse
The Big Red Door
Evening Light
Work Station, La Cupole
Shadows in the Park
Hidden Falls, Salmon Creek
Kotzebue, Twilight
Dark Woods, Mt. Roberts
Snow Fields, Mt. Roberts
Spruce Tips, Sunshine Cove
Up on the Knoll, Juneau, Alaska
Gathering, Auke Bay
Revolution in the Black Spruce Forest
On Lynn Canal
Progression, Mt. Roberts
Queen Saltine
Cascade, North Douglas
Pile-Up, Montana Creek
Blue Grass, Fish Creek
Dark Clouds, Gastineau Channel
Spring Flowers, Eaglecrest
Ravens' Wood, Auke Bay
Reflections, Eaglecrest
Lena Luna
In Celebration (of Blueberries)
Succession, Point Louisa
Lupine, Fish Creek
Fireweed, Fifth Street, Juneau, Alaska
Loose Change (Quaking Aspen)
Waterfall, Salmon Creek
Artist at Work
Ice Falls
Waterline, Mendenhall Lake
High Winds, Gastineau Channel
Merry and Bright!
Nursery Tree
Bright Meadow
Winter Walk
Incident at the Alaska Hotel
Blue Poppies, Orange Tulips
Distant Falls
Don't Get Nervous
Kitty Hideaway
Gypsy Girl with Bread
Saint Parschiva Day
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